Dead Body Transport

How Do We Help

  1. Prompt and reliable dead body transport service
  2. Secure transportation of the deceased from one location to another
  3. Coordination with hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes
  4. Availability of different transportation options such as mortuary vans, ambulance vans, etc.
  5. Assistance with documentation and permits wherever necessary
  6. Any other special requestsm including transportation across cities or states
  7. Freezer box for distanced transportation to preserve the body
  8. Professional staff to ensure respectful handling of the body
  9. Detailed, reasonable, and transparent details of the cost to transport a body
  10. On-call support and assistance throughout the transportation process

Call For Dead Body Transport Service

24X7 Assistance

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What Is Included

  1. Through and continuous coordination of arrangements
  2. Assistance in documentation work at the crematorium
    or burial ground
  3. Support to the family throughout the funeral process

What Documents Are Required

  1. Death certificate issued by a registered medical
    practitioner or hospital
  2. ID proofs of the deceased, such as the Aadhar card,
    passport, or voter ID
  3. Burial permit from the local municipal authority
    or relevant government department
  4. Authorizations for transportation across city
    or state borders, if applicable
  5. Any additional documentation requested by the
    transportation service provider or authorities



Client Feedback

“Exceptional cremation service! Compassionate staff, seamless process, and utmost professionalism during a difficult time. They handled every detail with care, providing comfort and support. Grateful for their empathy and efficiency. “ ratings
“During our family’s difficult time, Akumar Funeral Services provided compassionate and professional support that truly exceeded our expectations. From the moment we contacted them, their staff displayed a level of empathy and understanding that made the entire process more bearable. ” ratings
“We are immensely thankful for the exceptional service provided by Akumar Funerals. The team demonstrated a perfect blend of professionalism and warmth, guiding us through the entire funeral planning process with care and sensitivity.” ratings

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Cremation Service

Respecting your loved ones, we help arrange cremation ceremonies with the utmost compassion and precision. Be it about assisting with the paperwork or about providing ritual materials, we handle every aspect timely and kindly.



Dead Body Transport

We proceed with the dead body transport service with sheer professionalism and empathy. Our team is efficient at managing the logistics and assisting in getting required permits and NOCs, ensuring uninterrupted and dignified transportation.



Air Ambulance

In critical moments when the patient needs to be taken to another city or state, we are here with our rapid and secure air ambulance. With a skilled team and advanced equipment, we guarantee safety and comfort for patients and their families.



Hearse Van

In such situations of sorrow and heaviness, we are here at A Kumar Funeral services to render a professional yet sympathetic hearse van service. You can trust us to provide reliable and compassionate assistance services when you need it the most.



Dead Body Van

A Dead Body Van Service plays a crucial role in society, providing a dignified and compassionate solution during challenging times. These specialized vehicles
are equipped to transport deceased individuals with the utmost care and respect.



Freezer Box

Freezer Box is a premium service that revolutionizes the way individuals and businesses manage their refrigeration needs. Our cutting-edge technology ensures
that you have a hassle-free experience, providing a reliable and efficient solution for all



Dead Body Ambulance

At A Kumar Funeral, we are dedicated to providing a compassionate, prompt, and reliable response to requests for a dead body ambulance. We want to be there for you and your family when you need us. With utter sympathy, our team understands the



Burial Services

Proper burial of the deceased is a dear way of honouring their going with the utmost reverence, love, and adherence to the ritual beliefs of the departed soul.We understand that you need the time to absorb the gloomy reality, and your heart may feel


About Our Service

Making arrangements for the final journey of an individual is a huge responsibility that may feel heavy on the hearts of those left behind. At A Kumar Funeral Services, we have undertaken this responsibility to ease your burden and wipe out logistical challenges by arranging a dead body transport vehicle. With empathy as our guiding light, we are just a call away with our gentle guidance and well-coordinated transportation services.

24×7 Support

We are committed to providing round-the-clock assistance for all services; we are in this together with you.

Professional Team

Be it the nursing staff in the air ambulance or the manager for funeral services, we send only the experienced and humble team.

Quality Services

People may leave, but their love and memories left behind remain the same. We ensure exceptional care to keep the warmth alive.


How to transport a dead body in India?

One can search for active dead body transport service providers who will guide throughout the process and make necessary arrangements, including transportation through mortuary vans, hearse vans, or ambulance vans.

What is the process for dead body transportation by air in India?
Dead body transportation by air in India will require necessary clearances and documentation from the registered hospital, police, airline authorities, etc. Then, the body must be embalmed and placed in a suitable box/coffin/container as per the regulations. Upon checks, the body will be transported and released to the designated recipient.

Are there specific regulations for dead body transport between states in India?
There may be specific regulations for dead body transport between states in India for safety and proper disposal reasons. Though these regulations vary by state, general regulations revolve around a no objection certificate (NOC) from the local police, inter-state transportation permits, etc.

Can a dead body be transported by road in India?

Yes, it is possible to do so with the help of a dead body transport vehicle provider. You will need to get documents and permits for the same. The provider will arrange for mortuary or hearse vans as required.

How to arrange for a mortuary van for dead body transport?

Contact a funeral service provider who usually offers body transport services. Share details like the location of the dead body, preferred timing, and any other specific requirements. Check with them about the availability; inquire about the cost to transport a body and other necessary documentation.

What is the role of the police in dead body transportation across state borders in India?
For dead body transportation across state borders in India, the police will issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or a transit permit. This is done to ensure that no foul play is suspected.